Our Hanami

Hanami- literally “flower viewing”.

Hanami is an ancient tradition dating back to the Edo period.

Here is an article with more information about the historical origins of Hanami. 

Since moving to Japan I have not missed one Hanami. I absolutely adore sitting under the blossoming cherry trees and enjoying a picnic with family or friends.

This year our blossom viewing season was absolutely wonderful! That isn’t always the case. There have been some years where the weather was not cooperative -the wind and rain washed the blossoms away as fast as they appeared.

But not this year! It has been two weeks now and some trees are still fairly full of blossoms. They usually only last a week. We’ve had two full weekends with blossoms!

Last week after ladies group we decided to go across the street to the little park and have ourselves a wonderful little Hanami! Actually- the week before we planned that if the weather was nice..the following week we’d Hanami. The weather was beautiful!


The outside of Nogata Saijikan was decorated with planter boxes of tulips and they really lifted our spirits (and excitement) as we arrived for group.


Inside there were displays of spring flowers! I can’t even tell you how much I love teaching here!

During group Mrs. NG shared this delicious box of chocolates with us! It was so pretty I had to take a photo!

After group the ladies were so excited. We cleaned up quickly and headed over to the park. Mrs. A and Mrs. NI went first to secure a spot for us. Not that it was crowded on a Wednesday noon.

There was another group of ladies already there…enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of spring.

We found a little spot in the corner, set out our mats and shared our bento. Everyone brought something to share.

During Hanami season the stores carry all manner of Hanami goods. I found a couple of cute picnic mats and napkins. I also found a wonderful matcha and azuki roll cake!

Patches of wildflowers added to the beauty of our day.


And yes- we even take our shoes off when we sit on our picnic mats. It was lovely and joyful to watch the arrival of others to the park…excited for a day of beauty and tradition.

I wish I could rightly describe what it is like to sit under these beautiful trees…..

and every time the breeze blows you are showered in petals….

A few posts ago I shared a little about a book that a few friends and I are reading…Hidden Blessings…we are now further into the book and I can say that without a doubt it is one of the best books on midlife that I have ever read.

How does this fit into my post on Hanami? Well….I guess because I feel like there is a blossoming happening in my soul at the moment….

Anyway….we have been a bit busy around here but I do have several other draft posts I am working on..

As always- thanks for reading….

many blessing to you all


As I walked home…..someone was taking granny out to see the blossoms…….


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